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The benefits of a basic website that suits your budget

December 13, 2017

Here at V8Media, we don't only provide complex websites and technical solutions, but we also cater for smaller budgets with simple websites built in WordPress starting from just £899.

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Effective use of Social Media at Events

October 30, 2017

With many annual exhibitions in our local area fast approaching, we thought we’d share with you our guidance on using social media effectively at events. This guide is not intended for those organising events but instead for attendees who wish to mak…

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Achievement at any age: Our Chairman William graduates with First Class Honours

October 24, 2017

Here at V8Media, we believe it is important to celebrate the achievements of our team and the Chairman of our company: William Lyons, should be no exception to this.

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Worcester Motorhome Rental

October 17, 2017

One of our most recent web development projects involved creating a responsive website for Worcester Motorhome Rental.

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Discover the benefits of an omnichannel approach for your business

September 20, 2017

Business owners are constantly striving to provide their valued customers with the best experience possible when purchasing online and, with marketing adopting a progressively more personalised approach, there is no better way to achieve this than th…

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The 3 main issues affecting your website

September 12, 2017

We recently featured a guest blog from Vicky Fraser who gave readers a rather unusual insight into how websites work (or don’t work, as is often the case). While Vicky explored some of the issues that our websites may face, we are going to look at so…

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How to protect your intellectual property rights

August 29, 2017

What is Intellectual Property? In a nutshell, intellectual property is defined as “creations of the mind.” This covers trade marks, designs, copyright and patents. Whilst every business has some form of intellectual property in one shape or another,…

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A cry for help from your website by Vicky Fraser

August 22, 2017

"Hello? Helloooooooo? It's me, your website. I'm so lonely. Nobody ever visits me, and when they do, they bounce straight off again. It's almost as if... I smell really bad. Do I? Do I smell? Am I ugly? Or maybe I'm just incomprehensible. I feel a l…

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How to impress at your next networking event

August 16, 2017

For some, networking events provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people and are the highlight of the working week but for others, this isn’t always the case...

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