Back from Copenhagen and what a drag it was!

These are certainly words that you’ll never hear from anyone who gets the opportunity to attend an Umbraco Codegarden; the annual conference for the popular, open source, .NET based content management system (CMS). This year was my third time attending the Umbraco Codegarden and I can definitely say that it never fails to impress.

V8 sent myself and the lucky Tom Chance over to (sunny) Copenhagen to absorb all of the Umbraco goodness and see what shiny things are to come from the platform.

CG15 kicked off as usual with the Umbraco keynote speech led by the chief unicorn himself: Niels. These were just a few of the things Niels announced that really stood out to me:

  • ASP.NET Identity support
  • Better support for load balancing
  • The new look for Umbraco’s community site
  • An awesome new Rest API which enables Umbraco to be used for numerous applications such as a content hub for a mobile app for example

The next three days were dedicated to a variety of different sessions, each categorised into one of three tracks: Use Case, Technical and Workshops. This year, I must say I particularly enjoyed the use case sessions where we got an insight into the different scenarios in which other agencies have used Umbraco. The one that really stood out to me, which I thought was an excellent talk, was the Amnesty International use case in which they covered a lot of ground and didn't just focus on the technical aspects of the project but also things like content strategy . I also learnt a lot about Elastic Search which I hadn’t come across before, and how quite a few of the use cases were using elastic search as a datastore/cache; which is something that I will definitely be looking into more. Umbraco record all of their sessions, so I strongly advise you to go and check them out here.

Aside from the sessions, Codegarden also brands itself as a festival and not just a conference. The reason for this is that Codegarden doesn’t just stop at 4pm; it carries on in the form of some incredible evening social events.
This year, we had an Umbraco march through Copenhagen, complete with Umbraco banners, to a great bar with live music and drink supplied by Umbraco themselves. Then comes Umbraco Bingo, which in all honesty cannot even be described - you just have to experience it for yourself!

Once again, it’s been a great experience and I’ve taken a lot on board from all of the fantastic sessions available and the like-minded people who attend. Until next time, I will continue to look forward to the future releases of Umbraco so that I can start playing with some of the great new features.

Photo's courtesy of Douglas Robar, check out his Codegarden 2015 album here.


- Tom S 

Technical Lead