Freya's work experience with V8Media

"The variety of talent within and surrounding V8Media allows just a few short weeks to become a fun and unique experience.

When I arrived at V8Media, I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly. I had no real experience in web design and little understanding of coding. However by the end of the first few days, I had already experienced a wide range of work and was beginning to figure out what parts I enjoyed and which not so much. I worked detailing the transactions of petty cash, designing email templates, proof reading business proposals, learnt about the growing world of marketing automation software as well as how the web pages are structured and built. I learnt new languages, random words became a syntax that I could understand and follow. I also learnt how to build fiddly, flat pack Ikea furniture which, although strays a little from the world of web design, I’m certain will be more than useful in the future.

The team is diverse and everyone has different personalities but they are a unit that work together to create outstanding results and i have the utmost respect for all of them."