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Life Cycle of Websites

When meeting with our clients we are often asked questions such as:

  • What is the average lifespan of a website?
  • Will I ever need to rebuild or design my website?
  • How often should my website be updated? 

These questions can be difficult to answer as there are many factors involved in deciding if a website needs to be upgraded or completely rebuilt. As a typical rule, the majority of websites will require rebuilding and/or redesigning after 3 - 4 years.

In spite of this, we have known websites to last longer than this and in the past have hosted some websites that are more than 6 years old. However at this stage there will usually be fundamental issues with the website or areas of the site that cannot be easily managed or updated.

With this in mind, here are some questions to consider before you decide whether your website requires a full rebuild/redesign:

  • Is the website design fulfilling the needs of your target audience?
  • Does your website have any issues displaying on some browser types or versions?
  • Do you still have full control over the website via the content management solution?
  • Are there any breakages on the website/areas that cannot be easily fixed or updated?
  • Is your website fully compliant with current legislation?
  • Does your website render on all mobile devices?
  • Is your website search engine friendly?
  • Does your website have any issues displaying on any browser types or versions?

It is important to review your website regularly and to be prepared for a new website after 3 - 4 years. Or even sooner if technology changes cause problems on your current website or your objectives change dramatically.

Unsure whether you require a new website or not? We can provide a free audit to recommend whether your website requires a full rebuild/redesign. Please email us at for a free consultation today.