New Additions to the Team

It's been a busy couple of weeks at V8Media, with a few familiar faces popping up around the office. With our team growing as fast as ever, we thought that the best way to help our new recruits settle in would be to get them stuck straight into work...


The results? Astonishing. 


Not only did we notice significant improvements to our individual workloads, but the team as a whole seemed to benefit from the introduction of Cubee Characters into the workplace! As a result, we came up with five reasons as to why your company should consider employing them:


1. Overloaded? 

If you're feeling overworked then why not let your Cubee companion take on some of the workload?


2. Photo Faux Pas

For the less photogenic amongst us, awkward, corporate head-shots and selfies from the office Christmas party can be avoided. Simply swap places with your cube-headed colleague! 


3. Evade the Boss!


Is work getting in the way of a thriving social life? Or perhaps you've been caught snoozing on the job? If so, let your Cubee character take control...


4. Spoilt for Choice?


Can't choose between two conflicting networking events? Make your presence known at both!


5. All Washed Up


Can't decide who's turn it is to wash up? Share the chore with your cuboid companion.