Promote your business with Carousel Pins from Pinterest

Some business account users on Pinterest may have noticed a new feature on the platform recently. When creating a new pin, some business accounts now have been given early access to Carousel Pins. This new pin allows businesses to create carousels containing up to 5 different images in .png or .jpeg format.

Pinterest Carousel Pins

Similarly to standard pins, there is an option to add a unique title and website link to each pin or to easily apply the same information to all pins in the carousel. It is however, important to note that the description on the first image in the carousel will be applied to all images, and that you cannot edit the content of your carousel after sharing it. Another important point to consider is that if you schedule a carousel pin, only the first image in the carousel will be shared so we would recommend creating pins while your audience is active and not scheduling in advance.

Creating Carousel Pins

This new feature can be leveraged to promote multiple products through a single advertisement, at the same cost as promoting a standard pin! Providing an excellent return on your investment, carousel pins are also optimised for mobile users who can simply swipe through the pins in a carousel within their Pinterest feed.  

Have you tried Carousel Pins out yet? We’d love to hear your experiences with the latest feature to be added to the platform. Leave us a comment or get in touch to let us know how you get on and don't forget to follow us on Pinterest.