Seeing is Believing!

So recently, I’ve been sharing my frustrations with some new clients who had previously been sold things on their websites that didn’t actually exist! A good example of this is a business being told by their web developer (not us of course) that their website is fully responsive but actually, when we have tested it later on (and when the unhappy customer comes to us for help), we discover that no responsive design exists on the website.

It’s very important when you are having a website designed/built that you know exactly what will be included and have this in writing. Once the site is in the testing stage, go back through your contract and check that everything quoted initially has been delivered. If you are not sure how to test something, ask your supplier for evidence.

Of course, if you talk to V8Media, we will firstly provide you with a free audit of your existing website, as well as a detailed quote of exactly what will then be delivered during the testing phase. We will also check and ask you to double check that everything ‘bought’ is included.

Make sure you get what you paid for folks!

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