The Importance of SEO Goals and Conversions

Search Engine Optimisation is more than just improving a website’s ranking and increasing the amount of traffic to your website, it is also about elevating the business by utilising the company’s website.


Having strategically set goals for your business to work towards not only allows you to monitor conversions throughout the website but allows you to see the full benefit from your SEO investment. 


A website doesn’t necessarily need to sell products or services in order to track conversions. Using Google Tag manager you can set up in-depth tracking for almost anything on a website.


Below are a few examples of things which can be tracked using Google Tags. 


  • e-Commerce sales 
  • Brochure Request
  • Newsletter Sign-Ups 
  • Form Submissions
  • Document Downloads 


Almost anything which can be interacted with on a website can be turned into quantifiable data by setting up specific targets. This allows for in-depth performance reviews of websites for more than just the amount of traffic it is receiving. 


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