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A great starting point is to undertake a full SEO audit on your website. We work to understand what your objectives are and then see where you need to get to in order to achieve these.  

Once we have clarified the starting point, it's important to understand the level of involvement that you are looking for. Such is our tailor-made approach, we can undertake a full program of SEO for you or provide support in particular areas to suit your needs or the budget that you have. 


V8Media can undertake a wide array of organic SEO services to help you build your website traffic. This includes: 

  • Optimising your website for particular keywords.
  • Getting the best possible results out of all webmaster tools.
  • Quality link building to improve the value of your website.
  • Creating fresh, optimised content for your website. 
  • Offering a full consultancy and advisory service. 
  • Delivering regular reporting so that you are clear on the results of our SEO services.


Pay per click is of particular relevance to ecommerce businesses and when managed effectively, the cost of the work can be returned multiple times by the revenue gained in online sales. This is quantifiable marketing at its best!

As specialists in offering SEO audits and SEO services, we can provide you with exactly what you need for as long as you need. Why not have an initial chat with our team and see how we can help you? 

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