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At V8 Media, we are Umbraco specialists because we truly believe in this fabulous, open-source content management system. It helps us to create excellent websites that you will look forward to managing, instead of dreading the frustration of trudging through clunky logic to update a page or add fresh content.

Working in a .Net framework, the Umbraco system follows the same design principles as Windows Explorer and Microsoft Word. This means that using it is logical and intuitive. You are not left searching for how to do something, because it all just makes sense. How refreshing!

There is no mess and muddle with Umbraco as a CMS tool. Creating a bespoke system for you, every part of it is relevant and useful and as we have full access to the design, CSS and mark-up of your website, we can get it just how you want it.

Umbraco makes life so much better

Not wishing to overdo it, there are many reasons why we love being Umbraco specialists. Here is a handful more:

  • Store and organise your images in a hierarchical folder list that makes sense. View by file name or image – just like Windows.
  • Rollback is possible, should you need to return to a previous version of your website.
  • Schedule pages and updates for a time to suit your business.
  • Add multiple languages to your website with ease and speed.
  • Additional features and extensions are a breeze with Umbraco.
  • Set up different access levels for your users.
  • Mobile responsive and built with site speed in mind, meaning your website will run as fast as it can.

We are here to help you grow

Should you be looking for a new CMS website, talk to us about Umbraco and how we can flexibly support your business during all stages of your project. We don’t believe in standard website solutions at V8 Media. Taking a bespoke approach, we listen carefully to your requirements and help you to achieve your specific objectives. We will work hard for you and always be on hand, should you need advice and guidance. This does not need to stop once your website is live either. We offer a personable and trusted online marketing service that includes social media marketing and search engine optimisation for all sizes of business – small and large.

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