WordPress Specialists

The open-source power house

It is a deliberate move for V8Media to offer specialist services in both WordPress and Umbraco, where CMS website development is concerned. Whilst Umbraco offers a .net solution, WordPress uses a php framework. This offers the optimum choice to our clients, who will all have differing requirements.

It is also deliberate that we work with market-leading open-source platforms, ensuring that you can benefit from advancements in their development and the security of using a system that is not tied to a particular web agency.

WordPress needs little introduction. With 24% of the web running on it, WordPress is often the first CMS system that businesses can recall. We are very capable and human WordPress specialists who know only too well, how to get the best out of this powerful content management system.

Whether you need a simple blog, editorial site or a company website, WordPress can provide the answer; cost effectively and creatively. You would be amazed at the variety of websites that have been created using WordPress as the CMS.

Being open-source, you can benefit from the constant development around the tool and the never-ending array of plug-ins available, allowing just about any functionality that you might need.

Key WordPress features

It goes without saying that as WordPress specialists, we know how to eek out every possible feature and benefit of this platform – of which there are many:

  • A template driven design system that allows for full customisation
  • A full mobile responsive website
  • Ease of social sharing functionalities
  • Proficient SEO extensions that help to optimise your website and rank for your chosen keywords
  • WordPress auto saves as you type – no more disasters!
  • Restore a previous version of your website quickly
  • Assign different user roles and access levels
  • Schedule when updates go live and always preview them first

All of this in an extremely cost effective web design solution. You can see why WordPress remains such an attractive choice for many.

Trusted and transparent support for as long as you need

Let us use all of our expertise as WordPress specialists to help you build the best possible website for your business or organisation. We do not offer you a package like so many other web design services. We listen to you and understand what you are looking to achieve. From there, we can develop a plan for the best way forward, to suit your timescales and your budget. The V8Media team will work with you every step of the way, offering transparency, diligence and fantastic results. And when we are done with building your new website, consider us as a trusted extension to your business where online marketing and search engine optimisation are concerned. We are here to help for as long as you want us to.