What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an excellent open source Content Management System that offers website owners the flexibility and ease to manage their website. Working in a .Net framework, the Umbraco system follows the same design principles as Windows Explorer and Microsoft Word. This means that using it is logical and intuitive. You are not left searching for how to do something because it all just makes sense.

Why we work with Umbraco?

V8Media uses Umbraco to create bespoke websites because it provides our customers with plenty of options in customising and editing content. This makes maintenance of a website incredibly easy to manage, meaning you don’t have to be a technical genius to make any changes.

Well-known organisations that use Umbraco include the likes of Microsoft, Ford, Sony, Tesco and Warner Bros. This is in part due to because of Umbraco’s flexibility
in that it can adapt to such big companies needs seamlessly and quickly.

The Umbraco community is also one of the friendliest and pro-active online communities. New ideas are constantly being formulated and built on Umbraco which means it is a CMS that doesn’t just keep up but leads the way in the constantly evolving web development industry.

What else can Umbraco do?

Custom functionality is also a huge reason why we and so many companies opt for Umbraco. This allows the ability for new plug-ins and extensions to be added. Compared to other CMS’ like Wordpress, Umbraco provides a stronger foundation for larger websites that are likely to make use of additional custom features.

We could include pages upon pages of the different extensions and plug-ins that can be integrated with Umbraco. Every website’s needs are different so not all features will apply to yours. However, V8Media can guide you in terms of which of these features would be of benefit to you and then help install these to your website.

Saying that though, here we have highlighted three fantastic Umbraco packages to give you an idea what else the Umbraco CMS can do.



Ucommerce is one of the market’s most powerful .NET based commerce extensions that can be fully integrated to the Umbraco CMS. This is a great feature for our customers in need of a medium-size online store but who still want to enjoy the numerous benefits and fantastic usability that Umbraco offers.

Tea commerce

Tea commerce is another Umbraco ecommerce solution that integrates effortlessly as a marketing module for your online webshop. It allows shop owners to manage categories, products, orders and discount offers quickly and easily, covering the essential requirements of managing your own online store.


PerplexMail primarily provides customers the option to personalise emails sent from your Umbraco website. This feature can be easily integrated with Umbraco forms or bespoke built forms, giving you complete control over the content of emails that are sent after a form has been submitted.


Want to find out more?

We hope you have found our Umbraco page informative and it has helped give you a clearer idea of whether a bespoke Umbraco CMS is the right fit for you.


If you any further questions on Umbraco, please call us on 01432 268175 or email and one of our team will be happy to help.

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