10 Benefits of e-Commerce

10 Benefits of e-Commerce

Many of us have at some point purchased something online whilst lounging on a sofa in the evening.

This is known as e-Commerce (not the lounging around on a sofa bit though!) and it has been around for quite some time but we shouldn’t assume that all of us fully understand the benefits of having an e-Commerce website.

Whilst some businesses have decided to go 100% online, others choose to have a retail shop and an online shop that complement each other.

So, what are the key benefits of e-Commerce for a business:

Reach a wider customer base – you are not restricted to your local area with an e-Commerce site; you can go National or International very easily

Gain new customers - via the search engines and general online marketing

Always available - open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year

Ease of use for your customers – shopping online is quicker, more convenient and simple to do; therefore, encouraging more sales
Lower overheads (generally compared with traditional retail shops)Easy to apply special offers, coupons and discounts etc.

Increased product range – increase sales by promoting more products than you could you promote or stock in a retail shop.

Additional product information – it is easier to provide more information online for each product than it is in a traditional retail shopIncreased brand awareness

Easy to track analytics and monitor customer behaviour etc.

So there’s 10 reasons why e-Commerce is a great way to grow your business. However, just adding an e-Commerce site is only part of the equation. You’ll

also need to think about how an order placed online is processed in the back office. Rekeying the customer and order information into your order processing software is going to be an inefficient (and tedious) way of doing this…

V8 Media can work with you to build your bespoke designed website within the simple, flexible and easy to manage Magento platform; and Elementary Solutions can help you choose the right software for use in the back office.

The team at V8 Media and Elementary Solutions work together in partnership to offer your business a solution that is e-Commerce integrated with your back office.

This is a winning formula for your business if you want to start selling online or want to improve the way you sell online.

Synchronise information like customer, sales order, invoices, items & item categories, stock and price lists – to name but a few, between the Magento e-Commerce site and ExactIn combination with the Exact Online integration this is a winning formula for retail and hospitality businesses!

The Good Till system is able to synchronise daily revenue and payments within Exact Online as sales and cash entries. Streamline operations by reducing admin, human error and improve the accuracy of reporting; all helping save time and money!