6 Reasons why your eCommerce store is losing customers

6 Reasons why your eCommerce store is losing customers

We work closely with our customers through the design, build and implementation of their new eCommerce websites and our marketing team also provide post-project support in social media, online advertising and search engine optimisation. When supporting our customers, we are with them every step of the way – when their online store is generating increased revenue and thriving, but also when their eCommerce site is slowing down or deterring potential customers.

When things aren’t going so well for an eCommerce website, we provide guidance and suggest effective – and often very innovative – solutions. For monthly support clients, both our marketing and technical teams are on hand to implement any fixes or improvements straight away, but for a summary of the problems that we see most often and the solutions we provide, check out our top six below:

Poor website design

Solution: We will advise that a design audit of the website is carried out by our talented designer before any changes are implemented. Our designer may suggest some small changes to improve the look and feel of your website or may recommend a brand new look with a refreshed design that better matches the branding of your company.

The checkout process is too long

Solution: Review your current customer journey, from opening the website to completing a purchase, to see where users may be losing interest in the website. If possible, remove any unnecessary fields in contact or registration forms and consider providing options for users to checkout as a guest (without registering for an account) or provide the ability for users to save their details for future purchases.

Low quality images and poor product descriptions

Solution: It is important to display your products in the best light – quite literally! If you cannot take high quality photographs yourself or are short on time, then we seriously recommend hiring a professional photographer to get those perfect shots. Tailor the product descriptions you write for each product and make sure to use descriptive language. Avoid reusing product descriptions from your suppliers – this is a common practice and savvy online shoppers can sometimes copy and paste product descriptions and then search for them online to find all of the websites listing a certain product. Of course, they will then purchase the product at the lowest price!

Outdated website features and slow page loading times or broken links
Solution: Consider upgrading your website and incorporating new features and integrations to give your customers the best experience possible. Our web development team can work with you to determine the right features for your site and may even recommend a new content management system to give you better control over your eCommerce store.

Online store doesn’t render well on mobile devices

Solution: Consider upgrading your website using responsive design which will ensure that your online store meets the needs of all customers, regardless of the device they use. Talk to our web development team to find out the process they would take to optimise your website for mobile-use. Larger eCommerce companies may even consider a dedicated mobile application, examples of which include the ASOS and Amazon apps.

Confusing navigation is losing our business customers

Solution: Review the journey that customers take on your website using tools such as Google Analytics or heat-mapping software. This will allow you to identify areas where customers are struggling to use any filters, account areas or categories and enable you to improve the internal linking on your site. Our marketing team can support you with this or carry out the analysis work as part of our monthly website support packages.

So where should you start? Get in touch with us to book a free audit of your eCommerce store which will give you insight into why your website may be losing customers. Feedback from our web development, technical support and marketing teams will form the basis of a plan that you can use to address any of the issues listed above.

To view or download a summary of the problems we’ve explored, take a look at this helpful infographic from Performance Card Service.