A cry for help from your website by Vicky Fraser

A cry for help from your website by Vicky Fraser

"Hello? Helloooooooo? It's me, your website. I'm so lonely. Nobody ever visits me, and when they do, they bounce straight off again. It's almost as if... I smell really bad. Do I? Do I smell? Am I ugly?

Or maybe I'm just incomprehensible. I feel a little chaotic. I think people get lost. I think they arrive, and then they're not sure where they are or what they're doing. They find me, and they’re all excited and enthusiastic… but then they don’t know what to do next. They’re not even sure if they're in the right place.

So they leave.

And that makes me sad, because I know you gave me the best you could. You invested lots of time and effort and money into me, and I feel like I'm just not pulling my weight. I want to pull my weight. I want to work hard for you, and convert lots of visitors into shiny buyers, but I need your help.

There are a few simple things you have to do first -- and I've got just the thing that'll help you. There's this ridiculous woman called Vicky, and she wrote a book. There's all manner of valuable lessons in there, but there's one bit that’s all about me. In chapter 9, she gives you everything you need to know about how to make me work more effectively. How to make a few simple changes so people find me more appealing, and hang around, and buy from me.

Please get a copy, and give me a makeover: http://www.vickyfraser.com/buy-my-book/ 



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Vicky Fraser

Please do share any articles from Vicky Fraser in part or in full — as long as you leave all links intact, give credit to the author, and include a link to this website and the following bio. Vicky is a gin-quaffing, pole-dancing, trapeze-swinging copywriter who writes about the perils and joys of writing, velociraptor training, and running a small business. She writes this stuff on her websites vickyfraser.com and cookiesforbreakfast.co.uk.

She’s the author of one book (with two more in utero) and teaches small business owners how to write copy that sells, and how to be more fecking interesting. You can follow her on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.