An omnichannel approach to marketing

An omnichannel approach to marketing

Business owners are constantly striving to provide their valued customers with the best experience possible when purchasing online and, with marketing adopting a progressively more personalised approach, there is no better way to achieve this than through omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel refers to an integrated shopping experience in which the online and offline sales processes converge. With up to 90% of consumers starting a task on one device and finishing it on another, it is no surprise that omnichannel marketing also involves connecting seamlessly with your customers across multiple devices.

As the journey that your customers take when deciding whether to purchase your products can include as many as twelve touchpoints, now could be a better time than ever to consider creating an omnichannel experience for your company.

What is an omnichannel experience?

The key to effective omnichannel marketing is complete consistency throughout the customer’s purchasing experience and understanding that they are likely to connect with you across a range of mediums before making a final decision to purchase. Such mediums could be digital marketing orientated such as social media and online video or they could be based on more traditional methods of marketing such as billboard or print advertising. It should be possible for your customers to interact with your products on any device or medium, transitioning from shopping online using a smartphone to discussing a product over the phone to visiting your store and then perhaps making the final decision to purchase from your website using a desktop computer. No matter how your customers interact with your products, their experience should be seamless.

Infographic with credit to Telco 2.0 Research

How can an omnichannel experience benefit my business?
While you should now have a better understanding of what omnichannel marketing is, you may be wondering what the latest “buzzword” really means for your business. When potential customers research your products both online and offline, their experience is often somewhat fragmented which can lead them to look elsewhere. Omnichannel marketing aims to combat this by providing your customers with a consistent experience and a sense of familiarity with your business, while increasing customer retention rates and having a positive impact on your brand.

Omnichannel marketing can provide an extensive range of benefits to your business. Ensuring that every aspect of your strategy works together seamlessly to provide a cohesive experience for customers can help you to identify new and innovative ways to interact with your target market and increase engagement with your products. As we witnessed with social media, those companies who fail to adopt omnichannel marketing could risk losing customers whereas those who engage with the omnichannel approach are putting their customers first while futureproofing their own sales process.

How can my business provide an omnichannel experience?
Several measures can be taken in order for your company to adopt an omnichannel approach. Review your current sales process and, if possible, test it out to see what kind of experience your customers are really receiving when they purchase from your company. Use your research to identify areas of your business that could work more collaboratively in ensuring a seamless experience for your customers. Identify any improvements that could be made to your sales process and implement them, being sure to continually review and improve your omnichannel approach.

“eCommerce retailers should strive to preserve items in a cart across devices – if you add an item to your mobile shopping cart, it should still be in your shopping cart when you log in on your desktop computer”

The first steps in your omnichannel approach
A good place to start when adopting omnichannel marketing is to identify how your customers are currently interacting with your products. Can customers purchase your products online or are they only available to buy in-store? Perhaps frustrated consumers have exited your website upon realising that they wouldn’t be able to complete their purchase online.

If this is the case, then it may be time to consider becoming an online retailer and selling your products directly through your website as eCommerce is very much at the forefront of the innovative omnichannel approach.

We specialise in creating eCommerce websites that are tailored to the needs of our customers. We can create a site that is able to take secure online payments from your customers while integrating key features to help your business run smoothly such as stock control programs, CRM software or even billing and invoicing systems.

If you would like to find out more about becoming an online retailer and reaching a new audience of potential customers then please get in touch with us on 01432 268175 or email to discuss our eCommerce options in more detail.

We also offer support to existing online retailers through providing advice on upgrading their current eCommerce websites or offering guidance on adopting the omnichannel approach. If you’re not sure where to start then contact us for a free website audit in which we will identify the options available to you.