Be Seen and Heard Online

Be Seen and Heard Online

As many of you are already aware, last year we announced our partnership with CorpFilms. So, more than six months on, and we have found this partnership to be invaluable to those clients who have taken on both services.
Our job at V8Media is to get your business found and seen online. One of the biggest challenges we face is getting good content from clients. Video is a powerful medium as it’s simple for users to digest and gets a message across quickly and easily.

We first set up the partnership to simply enable easy access to video production services for our clients and vice versa for those of CorpFilms; providing online marketing services for their clients. What neither party fully accounted for was the impact of having two cohesive companies working side by side.

One of the first projects worked on by the V8Media and Corp partnership was the development of the #BehindTheDoor campaign for Fastershire. Initially, this was a filming project with the objective of producing a film to show the success of companies that have utilised technology and faster broadband.

Thanks to the partnership though, we were able to take this project a stage further. CorpFilms and V8Media worked closely together from the start during filming and V8 marketed behinds the scenes of the project by providing exposure for the companies involved. Once the film was complete, we marketed the video itself.

This has ensured that not only was a high-quality film produced, but the film was then seen by members of the target audience and the results tracked / monitored for the client.

The success of the project comes down to good communication between the team within the partnership and the client themselves.

Want to know more about the benefits of using film online or a full media campaign? Then please get in touch with either Terry ( or Claire ( on 01432 268175.