Claire walks 100 Miles for Mind

Claire walks 100 Miles for Mind

Ok ok, so I didn’t quite walk 100 miles in one go but I did walk 100 miles throughout October and raised £125 of much needed funds for Mind in the process. It might not seem like a big challenge but it turned out to be very challenging indeed... Not because I couldn’t walk the 100 miles in a month but fitting it in amongst everything else was more difficult than I thought!

Why did I decide to take on this challenge? I have used the services of Mind over the last 2 years whilst dealing with stress and depression. I am going to be honest and upfront about this as I feel we don’t talk enough about mental health in business. We talk about mental health in the workplace and I know many business owners who strive to ensure that their working environment is good for their employees (myself included). However I feel that, as a Managing Director, I personally neglect my own mental health and have seen this done by many other business owners over the years.

It is just as important to look after our own mental health as it is our team. I’ve experienced burnout and I know the detrimental affect it can have on your business.

So, I did this walk to raise money for a fantastic charity and to give myself some time out each day whilst walking 3 miles per day throughout October. I spent a month creating a habit that I hope to continue. I’ve also learnt not to put it off when I am busy or stressed as those are the times when we need time out more than anything.

If you ever find yourself struggling with mental health, I will gladly lend an ear to listen and support anytime.



Managing Director, V8Media