CogWorx Apparel: An e-Commerce Story

CogWorx Apparel: An e-Commerce Story

Rather than once upon a time, a lot of e-Commerce stories start with a few clicks of a button. This tale is no different.

From purchase orders to distribution, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order for your order to be processed and delivered promptly on time.

Inspired by actual events, CogWorx Apparel’s e-Commerce story is a tale of intrigue, innovation and integration that will make you laugh, cry, applaud and everything in between...

It all began with problems CogWorx Apparel were having in the distribution of their garments and accessories online.

Orders placed by customers on the CogWorx Apparel website were sometimes delayed or affected by errors because they were having to rekey this information into their back office system.

In spite of their characteristic meticulousness, the occasional order rekeyed into the back office system did slip though the net.

What was once a prospective or existing customer in a buoyant mood about their latest purchase turned into a dissatisfied customer left unhappy and unlikely to return to the CogWorx Apparel website.

This tragedy had nothing to do with incompetence or malevonence on CogWorx Apparel’s part. The fact of the matter is that a human error of this nature could happen to any online seller.

Mistakes happen, that is part and parcel of any profession. However when this means delays or errors, this reflects poorly on and really harms the reputation of online sellers such as CogWorx Apparel as a reliable business selling their wares in the e-Commerce world.

So how did CogWorx Apparel resolve this issue? Well it stemmed from discussions they were already having with V8Media to improve the design and usability of their website.

One of the main issues identified from these discussions was that CogWorx Apparel were losing business due to the delays and errors that had been caused from having to rekey this information manually.

To tackle this V8Media were able to enlist the services of their partner Elementary Solutions who specialise in back office integration – the combination of selling online and making this information available without the need for rekeying it.

By implementing Exact Online - the state-of-the-art cloud business software – Elementary Solutions were able to link CogWorx’s online orders with their back office system whilst V8Media revamped the design and front-end usability of the CogWorx Apparel website.

With a fully integrated back office system in place, there was no longer any margin for error when it came to ordering from CogWorx Apparel because the new system removed that potentiality from the equation.

Whereas before CogWorx were already selling online and reaping the benefits from their front-end system they were unaware that back office integration could have vastly improved the process of selling online from their customers and their own perspective.

Generally speaking, there are 7 key benefits from having your back office system and e-Commerce system connected. These are:

1.Reduce data entry errors
2.Less duplication of effort
3.Speed up order cycle
4.Better customer services
5.Reduce overheads
6.Save time
7.Streamline online operations

By streamlining the ordering process this freed up CogWorx Apparel employees time rekeying this information into the old system and additionally improved CogWorx Apparel’s insight through a joined up system covering accounts, CRM & logistics. Through a combination of reduced data entry errors, a speedier order cycle and reduced overheads, CogWorx Apparel’s online orders increased by 20%, taking their business to the next level.

Do any of CogWorx Apparel previous website issues sound familiar to you? Then V8Media and Elementary Solutions can help. V8Media can work with you to build your bespoke designed website within the simple, flexible and easy to manage Magento platform and Elementary Solutions can help you choose the right software for use in the back office.

Read more about e-Commerce and Exact Online business software here and how they can help your business streamline online operations and improve efficiency.