Effective use of Social Media at Events

Effective use of Social Media at Events

Here at V8Media, we believe it is important to celebrate the achievements of our team and the Chairman of our company: William Lyons, should be no exception to this.

At 72 years young, William is pictured shortly after receiving First Class Honours in his Bachelor’s Degree. He completed his BA (Hons) Degree in History with the Open University and attended a graduation ceremony in Brighton last September to mark the event.

William didn’t attend university upon leaving school for a number of reasons including, in his own words, being ‘more interested in drinking beer and chasing girls and thus flunked his A Levels’. Despite this, William forged a successful career within the local business community which he continues to contribute to today. He also maintained a strong passion for the subject of history.

With a devastating change of circumstances following the aftermath of losing his wife of forty years to cancer, combined with becoming a pensioner and a grandfather within the space of a few months, William decided to embrace the challenge of an Open University degree.
Equipped with ambition and a deep interest in his chosen subject, William began the first year of his degree in 2011. However, this was interrupted by a nine week stay in Hereford Hospital following a worrying near-death episode of sepsis. Thankfully William made a full recovery and returned to his studies determinedly, with his hard work culminating in a coveted First Class Honours degree in history.

Reflecting upon his achievements, William said: “I’m passionate about the pursuit of knowledge and, although it’s no doubt unusual to be awarded a first class degree at the rather late age of 72, I’m over the moon at realising such a cherished ambition – and now inspired to go for a Masters as well!”
The team are immensely proud of what William has achieved, he is an inspiration to us and proves that factors such as age should not act as a barrier to education or achievement. We wish him the best with his future studies and will look forward to hearing about more of his successes.