Expand your online presence in 2018

Expand your online presence in 2018

We have recently restructured the support packages we offer at V8Media to better reflect the needs of our clients. From Launch to Lift Off, we provide a flexible approach with packages that combine the expertise of both our marketing and technical teams.

Our new approach to the packages we provide brings with it a number of clear benefits for our clients and allows us to focus on getting results while combining services including technical support and website updates with key areas of online marketing such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management, online advertising, blogging and email marketing.

Some examples of the benefits

our packages provide include:

The way in which you use your hours with us each month is flexible, meaning they can be used with either our technical or marketing teams – or a combination of the two!

With some of our packages, the hours that you have will roll over to the next month if you haven’t used them all up – meaning you will not be paying for time that isn’t used.

You can stay safe in knowledge that your website will be fully supported by our technical team and marketed effectively in the process.

Our technical support and website updates can be carried out for websites we have built or on sites created by other developers.

All of our packages include monthly meetings or reviews of your website and marketing activities.

We will provide access to the analytics for your website and will also provide you with key information in the form of detailed reports covering the performance of your website, your social media presence, or the effectiveness of any advertising campaigns.

Our packages are based on a monthly, rolling contract so you are not tied into anything.

You may only need our services at certain times throughout the year to support your marketing activities during a busy period, or perhaps you want to try a package for a month to determine your Return on Investment before committing to anything – either way, our flexible approach can support you.

If you don’t already have a support package with us and fear that you might be missing out on these key benefits, don’t fret! We are taking on new support customers over the New Year so just give us a call on 01432 268175 or email info@v8media.co.uk to have a chat about the best package to suit your business.
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