Facebook Updates You May or May Not Be Aware Of

Facebook Updates You May or May Not Be Aware Of

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has announced and released updates to the app, which include changes to the app layout, new tools and algorithm updates.

We wanted to break down some of these new updates and explain what they are and what they mean to you, the user and/or business.

Multiple Updates to Facebook’s News Feed Ranking Algorithm

Facebook is updating its news feed algorithm to prioritize the ranking of more personal content. One of these updates will allow the news feed to surface more content from friends a user might want to hear from most. The other update prioritizes the links a person might consider most worthwhile.

You will also notice changes to the Facebook logo and more use of the colour white across the app, a significant change from the traditional Facebook blue, is this use of white to symbolise transparency?

In regards to the updates, Facebook commented:

"This redesign makes it easy for people to go from public spaces to more private ones, like Groups. There are tens of millions of active groups on Facebook, and when people find the right one, it often becomes the most meaningful part of how they use Facebook. That’s why we’re introducing new tools that will make it easier for you to discover and engage with groups of people who share your interests."

With concerns raised on how this will impact Facebook pages reach, which is already seeing a decline. Facebook responded:

These changes aren’t meant to show more or less from Pages or friends. Rather, the Page links that are surfaced to people will be ones they find worth their time”

Automated Ads

Automated ads aim to take the guesswork out of creating effective adverts across Facebook's platforms, including Messenger and Instagram.

Features include:

  • Ability to create up to six different versions of your ad automatically.
  • Audience options or recommendations based on information from your Page.
  • A recommended budget most likely to generate results based on your goal.
  • Notifications to keep you informed about how your ads are performing.

Video Editing

A new video editing feature in Ads Manager offers new ways to edit an existing video. According to Facebook’s internal data, the platform is home to over 90 million small businesses as of January 2019. These tools have been designed to make it simple and quick for businesses to edit businesses.

This feature contains three new tools in total:

  • Automatic cropping
  • Video trimming
  • Image and text overlays

Managing Off Facebook Activity

This update was announced last year but we will soon see this new tool rolling out. Designed to give users more transparency and control over their data, which may have previously been shared with Facebook via other apps and websites you use.

Here are four points Facebook urges you to consider:

Giving people transparency and control is good for businesses.

Facebook believes by giving more information and keep people informed, is good for business and helps to improve how they feel and react to adverts and businesses online.

Facebook will show people how advertisers use their tools

Facebook wants people to understand how a business could use their business tools to advertise to you. They want themselves and other businesses to become more transparent about their marketing practices and help people understand what data is shared and the value of sharing it.

This tool could affect targeting

If a user selects to disconnect their ‘off-Facebook’ activity, Facebook won’t be able to use their data for targeting. This can mean for some, the Facebook pixel cannot be used to reach someone with ads. It also includes the Custom Audience feature of Facebook. Facebook has urged businesses to consider this especially for campaigns in the second half of the year onwards.

Facebook Measurements and Analytics tools will remain intact.

Facebook’s analytics has never provided any personal information to a business, so these changes will not affect the reporting features within the platform.