How Digital & Web Has Changed Over The Past 10 Years 09-19

As it's our 10th birthday, we thought it apt to take a look at how digital and web technologies have changed and developed over the past 10 years.

2009 - 2019: #10YEARCHALLENGE


Let's start by looking at Google and how the website itself has changed over the past 10 years. Overall, not much has changed, if anything the website has become more simplified and has an updated logo, done back in 2015.


Back in 2009 Twitter was just taking off. The social media network was created back in 2007 and had its breakout moment in 2009, which saw it's use increase massively and have a valuation of $1 billion. Today, Twitter is a cultural phenomenon, which has enabled people, such as politicians to speak directly to the world.

The iPhone

The iPhone 3GS vs. iPhone XS Max. How did we manage with such a small screen? And remember the home button? The iPhone 3GS display screen was 3.5" compared to the XS Max's screen which is 6.5".


At the start of 2009, the App store was only 6 months old and celebrating 500 million app downloads, fast forward 10 years and the store has sold more than 130 billion apps.



In '09 Facebook Messenger wasn't anything, but writing on peoples Facebook walls was. Anyone else reminded daily of cringe past posts, thanks to Facebook memories? Take a look at how Facebook's interface has changed over the past 10 years - which do you prefer?


Hello, 2010 and hello to Instagram and Pinterest. On Instagram's first day, back in October 2010, 25,000 users signed up. Within 3 months it had hit 1 million users. All of Instagrams growth was organic, no advertising. By September 2011, Instagram had 10 million users. It wasn't until 2012 that the app was available for android and fast forward to 2019, Facebook owns the app, you can share videos, live stories, message people and brands and purchase directly via the app. 

Website Design

It's an understatement that web design has changed a little over the past decade. A lot about websites have changed - improved security, ease of updating, with the launch of platforms such as Shopify and Squarespace and design. Take a look at this screenshot of the RyanAir site from over a decade ago and how it looks today.