How to protect your intellectual property rights

How to protect your intellectual property rights

What is Intellectual Property?

In a nutshell, intellectual property is defined as “creations of the mind.” This covers trade marks, designs, copyright and patents. Whilst every business has some form of intellectual property in one shape or another, not all businesses take steps to protect these assets or enforce their position.  

V8Media are an agency which has worked with and will continue to help different companies that require effective new branding for their website or striking new logos and infographics for their audience to engage with. That is why we understand that without certain preventative measures in place to identify, protect and monitor your creative assets these can be at risk of being imitated by other companies.

In addition, website domain names also fall under the intellectual property label despite not technically being classed as a form of IP themselves. This is because there can be disputes linked to who has the right to certain domains. However there are dispute resolution systems that can be put in place to resolve such issues and domain watching services available to identify any new domain registrations.

Here are a few of the Intellectual Property services out there that are worth considering…


We recommend you seek professional help if you possess intellectual property that you wish to protect. There are legal specialists we can refer such as Indelible IP, who work with you to ensure you have the right protection strategy in place, whether it’s for your company’s trade mark, design, copyright or domain names.

Registration & Renewal

Trade mark registration and design registration are a couple of the most dependable avenues to take in defending your Intellectual Property. Moreover it is important to ensure the renewal of any trade marks or design registrations you have made when the renewal date arrives to ensure your existing trade marks and designs remain protected.

Watching Services

Watching services are available for keeping track of any new trade marks or domain names that appear very similar to your own. Those who use a similar trade mark or domain to yourself can damage your reputation and business, However the likelihood is that these imitators are in a legally weak position and they can be prevented from harming your company’s reputation if your IP is fully protected and you remain vigilant of any infringement.

Disputes & Enforcement

If you are in a scenario where you have to take action or defend yourself from someone taking action against you, then we highly recommend you seek professional legal advice and representation from a qualified and experienced chartered trade mark attorney.  

Who we recommend

Indelible IP are a friendly, specialist IP firm backed by over 20 years experience in the field of intellectual property. Specialising in the protection of brands and product packaging designs for the UK, EU and wider global markets, Indelible IP can advise on the related areas of copyright, unregistered design right and domain name disputes.

For further information or to arrange a free consultation, please call Indelible IP on 01600 860292 or email