Key Word Orientated Content

Key Word Orientated Content

Keyword Orientated Content is Key


The content of a website can be very subjective, a structured content strategy is a crucial step in having a strong online presence. Having a well-designed, responsive website is great however; it’s all void if you don’t have the content to back it up.

So, how does content effect my website? Seeing a fantastic-looking website without content is frustrating, and search engines think so too. This is why content is a key factor when it comes to getting your site to rank highly for specific search queries.


There is no set amount of content for a site to have in order to be able to rank well amongst search results in Google. What is known, is that relevant content is king and will help to boost the ranking of your website and also send users to the site through various search engines.

Structured content should be built around specific keywords which are relevant to your business and should also target users’ search query intent. Keyword research can be carried out to help get a better understanding of how to target specific search queries.

The content of your website and keywords should be implemented to best answer specific search queries that are relevant to your business. This will drive valuable organic traffic to the site. This sort of traffic is therefore more likely to purchase a product or service, sign up to a newsletter or enquire about a specific need.

Google has very complex algorithms which are great at being able to identify which content is relevant to specific queries; enabling the search engine to rank web pages accordingly. So, to get to that number one spot, it is crucial that your site has well written, structured content which provides the information that the user desires.

As a whole, the content of a website should be relevant to your business and the services you provide. Having well written content that is true to your business will not only help to drive traffic to the site but will also increase your page rankings.
Content should be kept fresh by being regularly updated or added to. An online blog or news feed are two features which have great potential for keyword rich content that can help to strengthen your online presence.