Lessons learnt around communication

Lessons learnt around communication
I’ve always been adamant at V8Media that communication is best face2face. Believing that we are more successful in conveying our views in meetings is perhaps my background in sales coming into play. However, over the years I think V8Media have depended on face2face communication too much, especially regarding internal meetings. Although we still use virtual communication tools, such as group messenger or email, for key issues we wait until team members are available in person. Usually, this works but holidays, sickness and external meetings can often lead to delays. 
We regularly review how we communicate but I always thought the key was face2face. Until Covid-19… which, as we all know, changed everything. I had many initial concerns: how are we going to have regular meetings with our clients and staff? Would communication get worse? This was something I was already extremely nervous about when lockdown began.
I’ve attended many virtual meetings on Skype and WebEx over the years with our international customers in Europe, US and China. I felt that it was expected to have calls with international clients, but I couldn’t possibly ask a local customer to do something such as a design meeting ‘virtually’? How wrong was I! Not only were the meetings extremely successful but because both parties were saving time and resources by not travelling, we’ve been able to have more meetings. This therefore tightened communication to provide a more tailored and personal service. 
So, I was wrong… I don’t often say that! 😊 
In addition to this, as a team we have found value in working remotely. Having an open plan office over the years has made us quite complacent regarding communication. Knowing that the team can’t meet up means we have to plan how we communicate and review it daily. This has actually resulted in even more catch-ups! Although we do of course miss face2face contact with each other team members and our clients, we have learnt so much on this unusual journey. 
When all of this is over – I think a networking/social with our customers and team is most certainly on the cards. 
Take care all and remember we are here as normal to answer any queries you have – 01432 268175 or info@v8media.co.uk 
Claire Wozencroft 
Managing Director – V8Media