LinkedIn Lesson 3 – Using Groups To Share Your Expertise

LinkedIn Lesson 3 – Using Groups To Share Your Expertise

“LinkedIn is by far my most favoured of all social media tools when it comes to business. I use it daily, from reading helpful articles to managing my contacts. Last week we learnt how Groups are a fantastic way to research a potential market on LinkedIn.

This week I’ll be focusing on the use of groups again, this time how they can enable you to share and expand on your expertise.

Many people overlook the power of the Groups section in LinkedIn.

In reality, they don’t just enable those of us with a mind for marketing to discover and build knowledge relating to the latest trends and topics, but they also allow for anyone with a common interest to connect with like-minded individuals.

Utilize the power of Groups to connect with other people within your role or industry, and take the opportunity to establish yourself as an online expert – sharing your knowledge and experience with potential customers, currents clients, and other professionals in your industry!

There are millions of Groups on LinkedIn, and a very powerful search tool to support them.

Some Groups are closed, meaning you won’t be able to access other members or content until your request to join is approved, so searching for a particular keyword relating to your profession or interest is a good way to find them.

If you can’t find the Group you’re looking for, why not create one and build your own community from scratch?

You should be feeling pretty confident with Groups now, so what are you waiting for? Make connections and get networking!”