LinkedIn Lesson 5 - A Tool For Recruitment

LinkedIn Lesson 5 - A Tool For Recruitment

LinkedIn is by far my most favoured of all social media tools when it comes to business. I use it daily, from reading helpful articles to managing my contacts. Last week, we learnt about how Pulse – an exciting feature of the website, enables users to discover captivating new content from the likes of industry-influencers and world-renowned professionals.

This week, our focus is on how LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool when it comes to recruitment.

Welcoming a new employee is an effective way of expanding upon your business, whilst adding experience and knowledge to your current team. In the past, the recruitment process has proven to be tedious and time-consuming – often due to lengthy interviews which leave underprepared candidates quivering in the corridor!

The solution is simple with LinkedIn.

When recruiting, your first steps should be to scan through your contacts and to get in touch with anybody that may be suitable for the role. Following this, announce the job opening in a status update which will be broadcast to your business contacts.

Provide a link to your Company website in the update, alongside links to any web pages that contain details of the new position.
Don’t be afraid to ask the people in your network for assistance – in fact, take every available opportunity!

Used correctly, LinkedIn has the potential to be the only recruitment tool you’ll ever need…”