LinkedIn Lesson 8 - First Things First!

LinkedIn Lesson 8 - First Things First!

“LinkedIn is by far my most favoured of all social media tools when it comes to business. I use it daily, from reading helpful articles to managing my contacts. We focused on finding business prospects using LinkedIn last lesson, but this week we’ll be explaining why we think the platform is the wake up call that every businessperson needs in the morning!

There are thousands of online sources of news, each competing for you attention. So, when you step into the office on a miserable Monday morning and want to know what’s going on in the world, **where on earth do you turn?**
**For me, LinkedIn is the only wake up call I need.** Scrolling through the news feed over a hot cup of tea for 10 minutes each morning provides me with a concise summary of the latest stories and updates, both from my network and around the world. This includes posts from connections, influencers, groups and pages. The platform also shares any content that your contacts have liked or interacted with, as well as any new connections they have made.

This allows you to easily expand upon your network and discover new content – two things that we often struggle to find time for. Another nifty feature of LinkedIn is the inclusion of trending topics in the newsfeed, to ensure that you’re always early to adopt the newest technologies and next big trends.”

-Claire Wozencroft
Managing Director

Join us next time for our ninth LinkedIn Lesson: “Staying Connected”.
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