LinkedIn Lesson 9 - Staying Connected

LinkedIn Lesson 9 - Staying Connected

LinkedIn is by far my most favoured of all social media tools when it comes to business. I use it daily, from reading helpful articles to managing my contacts. In the last lesson we discovered why LinkedIn is the wake up call that every business person needs, and this week we’ll focus on using the platform to stay connected.

LinkedIn will be twelve years old in May, making it one of the longest running social media platforms. One thing that the platform has done – and very well too – is to stay focused on its core objective, which is to help its users to stay in touch. This is the fundamental principle of LinkedIn, which has been demonstrated through the inclusion of the contacts database – a feature that has always strengthened the platform.
So, what does this mean for business leaders?

Simple. Your contacts will remain in one place and available at any time. I have been using LinkedIn for more than eleven year now, and one thing that it has always provided me with is a reliable online location in which to store my contacts. I’ve lost countless address books, had the better of a few phones and been victim to the curse of the corrupted computer. You name it, my contact list has been through the mill, and not to mention the washing machine! But I’ve always had LinkedIn to back me up.

Did you know that you can export your contacts from LinkedIn?

Here’s how the platform had helped me to stay in touch with my network of contacts over the years as my career has progressed, companies have changed and I’ve grown older!
It’s provided me with an online source of storage for my contacts
LinkedIn has enabled me to remember people that I haven’t seen in many years

I’ve been able to contact people directly, even when they’ve changed email address, company or even continent as a result of the platform
It’s provided me with a history of when my contacts and I connected, as well as an overview of their past and career to help jog my memory
LinkedIn has enabled me to stay in touch with groups of like-minded people
In addition to the above, it’s helped me to keep in contact with the most important thing a business leader, sales person or marketer needs: people. People strengthen our businesses, they are our suppliers, customers, coaches and, our inspiration. LinkedIn is more than just a social media platform for me, it’s been the secret to building a professional network of contacts for years!”

-Claire Wozencroft
Managing Director

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-Georgia Howe
SEO and Marketing Assistant