Local Business Feature: Alison Holmes at Peritia Ltd.

Local Business Feature: Alison Holmes at Peritia Ltd.

Alison HolmesI’m Alison Holmes and people call me the Networking Queen (their words, definitely not mine)!

For the last 20 years I have been learning the “art” of Business Networking.

It has led to me gaining sales without having to make a single cold-call.

More importantly, it has helped me create a trusted business community around me which I couldn’t live without.


However, it didn’t start that way – to be honest it was a pretty bumpy journey.

I was a shy graphic designer with not an ounce of confidence, especially in a crowd of “professionals”.

Being made to go out networking to generate sales.

Help, I wasn’t a salesperson!

From the experience I’ve gained, it’s now my passion helping my clients to learn the skill of networking. Ensuring they absolutely nail it far quicker than I did!


Here’s a short story which may give you some food for thought:


Business Networking – they’ll remember me. Right?


Don’t count on it!


We’ve all been on quite a rollercoaster since March 2020.

Some people have been working three times as hard.

Others, through no fault of their own, have been unable to work.

Business owners, with no financial help, have had their heads down. Trying to generate revenue from wherever they can find it.

I’ve been networking at least three times per week and I’ve been listening to everyone’s stories.


All with a similar thread.


However, I’ve also heard about businesses who have taken the decision to stop networking and do no marketing at all.


Why have they taken this decision?

  • “No-one is buying at the moment” (NOT TRUE)
  • “People know me - they’ll remember me when they need my services” (WILL THEY?)


Your competitors HAVE NOT stopped networking.


They are out there telling and showing your clients how they can solve their problems.

Here’s an example (please note I don’t know any graphic designers called Danielle or Rhonda!)


You met a graphic designer called Rhonda at your regular networking group a few times. She was approachable, seemed like an expert! You had planned to re-brand in four months’ time and told Rhonda you’d be in touch when you were ready.


Four months goes by and you’re ready to buy!

However, you use Danielle and not Rhonda – why?

Danielle started showing up consistently in your networking group.

She was giving you lots of free tips on how to think about your brand style, ideas for colour palettes, font styles…

It seemed like “everyone” you talked to was using Danielle for their design and getting great results!

Rhonda turns up again at your networking group one month after you’ve engaged Danielle.

And you suddenly remember you were going to use Rhonda! 

Rhonda disappeared for four months (she was too busy to go networking).

She didn’t keep in touch with you via email or show up in your “world” via social media.

Rhonda presumed that you got on well enough that you’d remember her when you were ready!

No matter how busy you are with work, remember to consistently “show up” in your networking community (whether that’s on-line or off-line).

Consistently show up, be in their world and be in their head when they are ready to buy!


Never presume you’ll be remembered however much they like you!


I really do understand how uncomfortable it can be in a room full of people when you don’t know what to say without coming across as “salesy”.


My clients range from:

  • Introverts to extroverts
  • Business owners who want to meet the decision makers
  • Solopreneurs who have just set up their first business
  • Employees who are networking on behalf of their employer


The training covers:

  • Nailing Your 60 Second Elevator Pitch
  • How to add value to the “room” (without being salesy)
  • Which networking event to attend
  • The all important Follow Up after the event


Networking with honesty and integrity is the key to success.

Achieve that and you’ll be amazed at what opportunities come your way!