Local Business Feature: Blue Print Direct Mail

Local Business Feature: Blue Print Direct Mail

Operating from a centrally based location in Droitwich Spa in Worcestershire, Blue Print Direct Mail has been sending imaginative, engaging and highly targeted direct mail solutions for all kinds of businesses for over 20 years.

With their experienced and dedicated project managers, they can advise on design, construction, trends, methods, processes and costs, helping and supporting you to reach your ideal audience with a personalised piece of mail that will build relationships and engage your customer on a personal level.  After all, you cannot get closer to your perfect client than being in their hand.

There are many studies and much research about the effectiveness of all kinds of marketing methods and mail is no exception.  Royal Mail research states that 92% of direct mail is opened and 48% of UK adults took some form of action after receiving a piece of direct marketing through their letterbox.


4.2m bought something either instore or online

10.5m used a voucher or coupon

2.8m tried a new product or service

3m made an enquiry by phone


Mail is remembered more and a message that is remembered is more likely to inspire action, influence decision making and purchase intent.  Another trait is that mail will boost digital interaction with your client and drives readers to websites and social media channels.  Moreover, when a direct mail piece is sent out before a social media campaign, the viewer is primed to associate and remember more. Mail clearly has a strong interaction with other channels, which means it could help to boost overall campaign effectiveness.

“But what about the environment?  Doesn’t direct mail destroy rainforests and use excessive water?” Well, it is time to bust those myths.  Print and paper is a highly sustainable form of communication and should be considered a valuable addition to your marketing mix.  Yes, its production does use a lot of water but 93% is returned to the environment after extensive treatment.  Furthermore, paper is made from wood, a totally renewable resource and Forest Certification ensures wood comes from well managed forests whilst responsible paper production ensures healthy forests.

Blue Print Direct Mail offers a comprehensive range of direct mail services, using on-site facilities, as well as working in close partnership with trusted and audited external suppliers to deliver immaculate campaigns from just 1 record to a million records (bulk mailings).

  • Creative design provision, advice, help or support
  • Data sourcing, provision, audit with cleaning and sorting where agreed
  • Production print, matching, finishing and fulfilment
  • Efficient postage agreed cost after efficiency saving discussions
  • Returns management Managing gone aways and related data
  • Print Management managing company print requirements
  • Stock Management managing company fulfilment and print stock
  • Order Fulfilment managing company pick, pack & despatch

The business is committed to high quality, robust procedures with continual improvement having ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 27001 accreditations. Alongside this, they have introduced and are immensely proud of their highly successful Apprenticeship scheme, combined with the opportunities they offer to staff in the shape of formal training and qualifications.

For further information, please contact Jo Widdowson - Marketing & Sales Manager,

Blue Print Direct Mail, Unit 11 Wassage Way, Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate, Droitwich, Worcs. WR9 0NX. 

07928 827265  jo.widdowson@bpdm.uk     www.blueprintdirectmail.co.uk