Local Business Feature: Journey

Local Business Feature: Journey

Organisations achieve their critical business objectives by implementing and managing the people side of change’, correctly, efficiently and robustly. By creating advocates and champions within your business, and when people become as committed to the change as you are. – it should automatically increases your bottom line.

The type of problems we have successfully managed, are complex, like the merging of two organisations, to changing one or more policies and procedures.

When you accept the vital role played by your employees in any business change programme, it highlights that you are not just treating people as mere ‘resources’, but doing the right thing (even if uncomfortable).

Common problems organisations face are:

• Having no structure to change projects impacting people

• Failing to anticipate people’s reaction, to even the simplest of changes

• Lacking two-way communication

• Lacking clarity, resilience & positivity in the face of adversity


The Journey approach has been used for over a decade, building expertise to ‘put people at the heart of change’, culminating in a unique, best in practice management tool. It deals with every element of change that touches people. The components of their jobs and livelihoods like contracts, pensions, geographic locations, training. The tools they need, their career path, working hours and environmental conditions. The list goes on and on.

Journey, quickly provides you with a structured approach for any given change scenario impacting people – whenever that journey starts. It basically puts theories into practice, without you or your teams having sleepless nights, thinking about what’s next. It is aimed at helping CEO's, Transformation Directors, Programme Managers, Change Leaders, Portfolio Managers, PMO & Project Leads in successfully delivering business change.

What you end up with, is an implementation plan, key risks and reporting information to reduce/eliminate the common problems. Another bonus is, it saves time, effort and money all round.


Don’t get left behind! ‘Put your People at the heart of Change’.


Saying that, I would love to hear about your journey ideas. We can discuss whether I can help you out in any way. Why don’t you get something booked in my diary? It doesn’t cost anything to have an initial chat.


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