Make Your Website Stand Out With Video Header Banners

Make Your Website Stand Out With Video Header Banners

Our partnership with CorpFilms enables us to expand our expertise while providing new and innovative solutions to our clients.

One service that we are particularly excited about is the introduction of video header banners. These are professional corporate videos that can be used as dynamic headers for websites or even on social media.

We can create video header banners that are guaranteed to make your website stand out, no matter what devices your customers are using. Our video header banners can play automatically on computers whereas mobile users will be able to follow a link to watch and listen to it with any accompanying sound.

Videos of 60 seconds or less can also be used on social media platforms such as Twitter where users will be able to watch the video directly from their newsfeed.
Professional corporate videos can be quite expensive but our video header banners are an effective way to incorporate video on your website without the large cost. We can shoot all of the footage in a day and, without the need for complex story boards or scripts, we cut out the need for face-to-face pre-production meetings; this reduces the costs significantly and enables us to shoot all of the footage in a day.

Post-production is also straightforward so our video header banners have a quick turnaround.

If you are interested in a video header banner for your website or social media profiles starting from just £900, please get in touch with us.