Marketing 101: Email Marketing

Marketing 101: Email Marketing

When meeting with prospective clients, there are still many that aren’t currently utilising Email Marketing when they should be, mainly because they don’t believe it will be a cost-effective solution for their business. We've put together a quick guide that details the benefits of email marketing, ideas for different email campaigns and shares some of our favourite platform providers out there.

First off, let’s discuss the benefits of email marketing

Below are just some of the benefits, if done right you can expect to see from your email marketing efforts. 

Creates a dialogue between your brand your customer or prospect

Email marketing opens up a constant channel of communication between your brand and your customer/prospect. It gives you the chance to speak directly with the customer, whether you have a story you want to share, some news or provides them with a special offer.

Build strong customer relationships

If you sell online, you should already be sending transactional emails in regards to orders. An email marketing channel allows you the opportunity to build stronger customer relationships by keeping them in the loop - you could recommend other products or services, specific content such as how-to guides or promote your loyalty scheme.

Develop and strengthen your brand identity 

There is no doubt, the online market is competitive and so, brand loyalty is more important than ever. Email marketing allows you to continue to strengthen your brand's identity, an opportunity to share snippets from behind the scenes, your businesses CSR efforts and your businesses services or products USP. 

Gives you the opportunity to convert prospects to customers 

Once you’ve got a customer in your ‘funnel’ you have already increased your chances of converting the prospect to a customer. Using email marketing, you can send bespoke offers, targeted messaging and incentives to help clinch the deal. 

Low cost, measurable & ROI 

The real positive of email marketing is that is measurable. Any online email marketing platform should provide you with analytics and data which you can use to measure the impact and ROI. If your current email marketing provider doesn’t provide analytics, you should be able to get some information from Google Analytics. But we would suggest looking at an alternative provider which will show your open rate, click rate & unsubscribe rate for example. 

Reach an audience far & wide

By building and growing your email marketing list, you have the opportunity to reach and promote your products or service to an audience far & wide. 

Generate buzz & instant demand

If you are an eCommerce business, email is a great way to create buzz and see instant sales. You can use email marketing to keep customers informed about a new product launch, a countdown to a sale ended or even provide email subscribers with early access to your upcoming sale. 

Deliver bespoke messaging based on set criteria 

Last but not least, if you want to get more granular with your data, you can send specific emails to customers based on their purchase history, behaviour etc. 

Ideas for Email Campaigns

  • Welcome Email - an automated email which is triggered each time a new person subscribes to your newsletter.
  • Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Emails - has a customer not purchased a particular item, or based on their history could be interested in something similar? Here’s an opportunity to market them to your customer
  • Re-engagement Email - Has a customer not purchased from you in some time or have they not engaged with any of your emails, why not try a targeted campaign to get them back. 
  • Abandon Basket Email - got to basket but not completed their order? Abandoned basket emails are highly successful in clinching the deal - whether you send one email or a series (we’d recommend a maximum of 3), just think carefully about the timing of the emails and measure the results. 
  • Product or Sale Launch
  • Birthday Email - whether it is your brands or your business, these are good emails for increasing brand engagement. 

Email Marketing Platforms


A favourite and great for small business owners. MailChimp has a range of templates available and it’s drag & drop functionality makes it easy for you to create an email yourself. MailChimp has a free plan available up to 2,000 contacts.


Great if you use Shopify and are looking for a platform that integrates directly. Like MailChimp, Klaviyo has a drag & drop functionality and a library of templates available. Klaviyo has a free plan available for up to 250 contacts & 500 email sends. 

If you want to chat further about your email marketing requirements, get in touch today either email or call 01432 268175.