Our Recent Partnership

Our Recent Partnership

The team at V8Media are proud to announce the launch of a partnership with CorpFilms Ltd, a provider of high quality films for corporate use.

Our goal is to focus on the company’s internal expertise and to work closely with partners who can provide professional films that deliver substantial results, making CorpFilms a perfect choice for collaboration.

Content is the key to a successful website and video is proving to be an increasingly important part of the mix.

This is where CorpFilms come in.

With their support, we can begin to offer a range of services including creative consultancy, idea generation prior to production, and the provision of presenters, actors or voiceovers in addition to our current expertise.

Both companies are members of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce and share a passion for marketing, with particular focus on the use of digital media to promote their clients.

CorpFilms has produced over 700 corporate films since 2002, making them one of the most well-established and experienced small to medium sized production companies throughout the region in which they operate, which covers the Midlands, London, Wales and the South West of England.

V8Media and CorpFilms will work together to offer our joint services to clients in the form of full media packages, which will address the specific needs of your business.