Once upon a time at V8Media, we provided clients with wonderful JPEG images of their new website design.

Now like all good fairy tales something bad needs to happen first and in the case of website design these were screen sizes.

From the 4” screen on your smartphone to 27” monitor’s it is impossible to imagine how a design will look when provided with a pixel perfect render of one screen size interpretation of a design.

We could have just provided additional concepts that represented how the design would render at “popular” screen sizes.

But what if a client doesn’t use a “popular” screen size? How could they envision how their new website would look on their device?

Like all good fairy tales however there was a happy ending to this story. Prototyping.

Once the creativity starts flowing, we at V8Media can start designing. Not in Photoshop but in code.

We can build a partially functioning version of a template. This means a client can see the design concepts they are looking at on their device’s web browser as it was intended to be viewed.

Even if links, buttons, social media feeds are not be functioning fully at this point, visually what you see is what you get.

Prototyping provides the ability to make small changes on the fly during any meeting.

Want to see what a larger font would look like? Change that button to blue? Move that image to the right? All of this is possible with “minimal” effort.
Overall, we think prototyping has not only improved our internal work process but has made us more efficient at communicating our ideas with our clients.