SharpSpring and Marketing Automation with V8Media

SharpSpring and Marketing Automation with V8Media

-Benefits of Marketing Automation
-Concerns around CRM and GDPR
-Costs of Marketing Automation Platforms

What Does Marketing Automation Offer?

Optimise your processes with Marketing Automation. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing team and improve the focus of your sales team with a marketing automation platform. With a built in CRM, Content Calendar, Sales Pipeline, and much more, marketing automation platforms have plenty on offer to help improve the processes of your team.

Marketing Automation platforms provide powerful tools to enable you to create and automate your marketing campaigns, giving you full control of the content potential customers see from the first impression they have with your business to the final sale and everything in between whilst offering in-depth tracking so you remain informed every step of the way.

Replace the burden of repetitive tasks with automated rules and campaigns. Using Content Calendars, Visual Workflow and automated emails allows your team to focus on more creative tasks.

Target customers through multiple channels and track all the data with powerful analytics tool so your marketing and sales teams can easily identify the highest value leads through the amount of contact they’ve had with your business across all channels.

For an in-depth look at each of the benefits marketing automation platforms offer, we’d recommend reading this article which breaks down each of the benefits.

Marketing Automation, CRM’s and GDPR.

One of the concerns surrounding marketing automation and CRMs is how they work since the introduction of GDPR. Marketing Automation and CRMs allow you to store and use data you have collected so ensuring that the data being stored and used is in-line with the latest regulations is vital.

These platforms provide the tools you need in order to collect and use data in-line with GDPR whilst making it easy to remove all data on an individual if requested.

As long as you cover the usage and storage of data within your privacy policy and ensure that the data you’re using has been consented to by the customer, you are able to make use of these tools.

Costs of Marketing

With more and more marketing automation platforms entering the market, the costs of having an all-in-one marketing tool is becoming less and less expensive; bringing marketing automation to more and more business. You don’t need to have a large marketing budget to benefit from marketing automation.

V8Media has formed a partnership with SharpSpring to bring our customers the most powerful and cost-effective marketing automation platform.
So, what does SharpSpring Offer? SharpSpring offers all of the major features that you’d come to expect from a top-tier marketing automation platform. From email automation and lead scoring to an inbuilt CRM and so much more.
Take a look:

SharpSpring provides a comprehensive range of marketing automation features to get your business well on its way to achieving an omni-channel marketing experience for your customers.

Want to find out more? We will be launching the platform to customers in 2019 but we would love to talk you through SharpSpring and arrange a demo for you. Get in touch with us to get started.

Want to get on board sooner? Contact us to find out more about taking part in our pilot programme for a discounted rate on SharpSpring.