Six Simple Steps to SEO

Six Simple Steps to SEO

If you are a website owner, then the chances are you’ll have heard about Search Engine Optimisation.

But what is it all about?

SEO is the practice of optimising your website in order to achieve better rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing. By doing so, your website can become more visible and generate higher levels of traffic. Like effective social media marketing, SEO has the potential to reach new customers and drive more sales for your business. This is why investment in your SEO is so important.


This doesn’t necessarily mean employing an agency like ourselves to manage your SEO. It could be as simple as delegating your search engine marketing to a member of your existing team or even spending a couple of hours working on it yourself each month.


To help you, we’ve compiled a list of our best SEO tips for small business owners!


Improve your page speeds

Although you may not be able to improve page loading speeds without the help of a professional, you can check your own website loading times using the Page Speed Insights tool from Google. Mobile page loading times are now a critical ranking factor in Google’s algorithm so it’s vital that your website loads quickly.


Create compelling content

Technical issues and slow speeds can be tricky to solve if you don’t have a developer in-house but one thing you do have control of is your website content. And when it comes to SEO, content is key! Don’t just focus on the content of your website however, consider other ways to incorporate keyword-rich content into your overall SEO strategy.

  • This could include:
    • Regular blogs or news articles
    • Downloadable content such as eBooks or brochures
    • Videos with text transcripts


Make use of any free SEO tools

There are a wide range of SEO tools and software available to help you optimise your website. Here are some that we recommend

  • Google Analytics – track website traffic and user behaviour
  • Yoast SEO – a plugin for WordPress websites that enables you to edit meta data
  • Google Search Console submit XML sitemaps to Google, monitor visibility issues and index new pages
  • Google Data Studio – create beautifully designed reports
  • SEO Quake – a plugin for Google Chrome which provides data about your organic search presence including information on the ranking of your website, keyword density and meta data


Don’t overlook other search engines!

Google isn’t the only search engine and you may well find some of your customers use others such as Bing, Yahoo or Ecosia just to name a few. Take this into account when optimising your website and make use of any tools provided by the search engines such as Bing Webmaster Tools which is the equivalent of Google Search Console.


Boost visibility in your local area

If your business meets the eligibility criteria, then make sure you claim or setup a Google My Business listing. This will improve your visibility in Google Maps and provide a platform for customer reviews. These are highly beneficial as Google reviews can help to improve the ranking of your listing in local search results.


Take up our offer of a FREE audit

If you’re not sure where to start, then our final tip is to take up our offer of a free website audit. We will review your existing site and analyse your SEO and wider marketing efforts. Our team of specialists will also provide an action plan to help you improve your overall online presence.