The 3 main issues affecting your website

The 3 main issues affecting your website

We recently featured a guest blog from Vicky Fraser who gave readers a rather unusual insight into how websites work (or don’t work, as is often the case). While Vicky explored some of the issues that our websites may face, we are going to look at some solutions to three problems that your site may be experiencing.

My website isn’t working properly and I’m constantly finding bugs in the system.

We offer flexible support packages, giving you peace of mind over your website. Our technical team will be on-hand to provide support for your website by fixing any bugs that occur or providing advice and guidance to help you make the most of your site. We can also provide training for members of your team, enabling you to update the site yourself and regain control over your website. We understand that a working website is vital to your online presence which is why our team will work quickly to resolve any issues that occur on your site as detailed here in our Service Level Agreement policy.

We occasionally find that a website isn’t performing well because the software and Content Management System in use is too outdated and simply unable to keep up with the requirements of the business. If this is the case, we may suggest that an upgrade to the software used or a full site rebuild would be more beneficial than a monthly support package to begin with. If this is the case, we can have a thorough discussion about your website and the options available to you.

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My website seems insecure and I’m worried about taking online payments from customers.

For those with ecommerce websites, it is essential that certain features are implemented to ensure the security of the personal details and payment information of their online customers. SSL Certificates are commonly used to secure websites for this purpose although they are not always necessary. Read our recent guide to SSL Certificates here to determine whether your website requires one.

We can provide a free website audit which will enable us to identify how well your website is performing and whether or not it is secure. Depending on the results of your audit, we can discuss any options with you in detail and take steps to help secure your website.

Get in touch with us to book your free website audit I’m having trouble finding my website in the search engines and fear I could be losing customers
Having a working website is great but if it’s not performing well in the search engines then it could be losing you customers, which is a serious problem.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation is essential in making sure that your website reaches its full potential by generating good levels of traffic and attracting potential customers. It takes a while for organic SEO to have a large impact on the ranking of a website so in the meantime, we may recommend that you explore other ways to promote your business online such as social media or email marketing.

Our flexible marketing packages can be used for a wide range of services including SEO, online advertising, email marketing and social media. This approach to digital marketing allows you to select the services that are right for your business or try out different techniques to help promote your website online. We can alleviate some of your responsibility and take control of the online marketing for your business or we can alternatively, act as an extension to your existing team by providing advice and support with your ongoing marketing activities.

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