The Benefits of Advertising on: Facebook

The Benefits of Advertising on: Facebook

We often help our clients to improve their presence on social media through creating and managing accounts for them.

While this is a good way to get started on any social media platform, some of the goals and objectives that our clients have when using social media could be better achieved with a little help from paid advertising. This method has a number of benefits and the engagement it generates differs from what we call ‘organic reach’.

Organic reach: the total number of unique users who viewed your post through unpaid distribution

Paid reach: the total number of unique users who viewed your post as a result of advertising

Starting with Facebook, this will be the first in a series of blogs where we will be exploring how paid advertising works on various social media platforms and the benefits it could bring to your business. You may want to consider advertising on this platform if you already have a page or have begun building a presence on Facebook.

This social media platform is also particularly effective for B2C companies who sell their goods or services directly to consumers, as opposed to other businesses. After all, how many businesses do you know that actively browse the Facebook newsfeed on their lunch break?

Facebook has 1.8 billion active users each month

Infographic via SEO Brands

The statistics speak for themselves. With so many people actively using Facebook, the platform boasts thousands of potential customers who are just waiting to be discovered. While pages are an effective way for users to connect with your brand, Facebook advertising can help them to discover you in the first place. Advertising can also help your businesses to achieve specific goals including:

  • raising brand awareness
  • increasing traffic, engagement or sales
  • generating leads
  • increasing customer loyalty
  • promoting app installs or video views

Facebook advertising can not only help your business to achieve its objectives, but it can also allow you to integrate your advertising campaign with some impressive features. For instance, people who see your promotion will be able to use Facebook Messenger to contact you directly from the advert, allowing you to provide fast and effective customer service in return.

The platform also enables advertisers to integrate their Facebook campaign with other apps and social media platforms such as Instagram.
Another key feature of advertising on Facebook is the array of different targeting options at your disposal. You can choose to display your adverts to users based on demographics, location, interests or behaviour with options such as:

  • age
  • gender
  • relationship status
  • education
  • workplace
  • job title
  • geographical location
  • language
  • hobbies
  • purchasing habits
  • device usage

There are a number of different formats available for your Facebook ad campaign, each can help you to reach specific goals or audiences. Some adverts may include simple features such as text or images, but others may consist of slideshows or videos which can both be used to enhance a user’s experience significantly.

If you are hoping to target mobile users, it may also be worth considering Facebook Canvas. With this tool, you can create dynamic adverts that are already optimised to display effectively on mobile devices.

Facebook advertising may have felt unattainable in the past, but you should ask yourself one question. With 1.8 billion active users each month, can your business really afford to ignore Facebook advertising? We can help you to develop an innovative advertising campaign that exceeds your expectations and connects your business to potential customers on Facebook.

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