The Benefits of Advertising on: Instagram

The Benefits of Advertising on: Instagram

We often help our clients to improve their presence on social media through creating and managing accounts for them. While this is a good way to get started on any social media platform, some of the goals and objectives that our clients have when using social media could be better achieved with a little help from paid advertising.

This method has a number of benefits and the engagement it generates differs from what we call ‘organic reach’.



Looking at Instagram, this will be the next in our series of blogs exploring how paid advertising works on various social media platforms and the benefits it could bring to your business. You may want to consider advertising on this platform if you already have an account or have begun building a presence on Instagram. This social media platform is also particularly effective for companies with eye-catching visual content that photographs well, examples of which could be cake makers or interior designers.

Infographic via Simply Measure

With content being shared on such a large scale each day on the platform, how can you ensure that your posts are seen? Instagram themselves say that “the best way to grow and strengthen your audience is to create high quality, on-brand content that people want to see in their feed”.

While this is certainly true, paid advertising on Instagram can be another effective way for your business to connect with potential customers and achieve objectives such as:

  • Boost posts
  • Send traffic to your website
  • Increase website conversions
  • Get more app installs
  • Increase app engagement
  • Get more views on a video

Since Facebook took Instagram over in 2012, creating adverts in Instagram now requires you to have a Facebook page and an Ad account. You do not need an Instagram account although, without one, you will not be able to respond to comments on your advertisement and users will only be able to see the information you have provided on your Facebook page. We hope that after reading the first blog in our series, you will have set these up and familiarised yourself with advertising on Facebook.

If you have done this, you’ll be a step ahead as creating adverts on Instagram uses the same tools used to create Facebook advertisements.

You’ll have a number of different options to explore before publishing your advert on Instagram. Targeting allows you to focus your campaign on reaching specific members of your target audience with options such as location, financial status and interests.

You will then have the option to optimise your ad campaign for:

  • Link Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Daily Unique Reach

These options will ensure that you get the most out of your budget. You will also be able to customise the call-to-action for your campaign with options such as ‘Learn More’, ‘Book Now’, and ‘Sign Up’. Another key decision when creating your Instagram campaign, is what format you would like your advert to be in. Some examples of formats that you can use include:

  • Single image or slideshow: square, landscape or vertical photograph
  • Video: square or landscape video, vibrant and catches the attention of users
  • Carousel: a number of square images that users can rotate through
  • Stories: a photo or video (up to 15 seconds in length) that appears between other users’ stories on Instagram

*Instagram stories are videos or ‘strings’ of images that users upload, they can provide an immersive experience when paired with advertising for your business.

Instagram is the place where high quality, visual content meets potential customers who are keen to learn about your business. We can help you to develop an innovative advertising campaign that exceeds your expectations and connects your business to these users.

Simply get in touch with us at or give us a call on 01432 268175. You can also check out our tips for effective Instagram advertising below:

Post a sign to promote your Instagram account at your workplace, or share it in communications like email signatures
Announce your Instagram account on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter
Make sure your images are on brand.

Use images that are concept driven
Make sure your images are well crafted