The Training Portal!

The Training Portal!

The team at V8 are open to Research and Development tasks and actively encourage this time to create exciting and wonderful things.
Recently, we launched the latest product from our previous R&D session: The V8Media Training Portal, which can be found here.

So, what is the training portal?

The training portal is a new website on which we have created guides explaining how to use our favourite content management systems. Upon request, we are able to create individual accounts which our clients can then log in to in order to receive the relevant information for their website's CMS! Pretty fancy huh?

What does R&D have to do with it?
We always plan our R&D sessions to incorporate the latest technologies; this way we can constantly adapt and always stay on top when creating websites for our clients in the future. So with the training portal, we decided to use some of our shiniest new toys to bring it to life...

What did we use?

We decided to use Umbraco as the CMS for this particular website due to the flexibility and modular capabilities it can give us. On top of that, it is the most up to date version of Umbraco which grants us access to some of the newest editor types, such as Grid.

Grid is a new way to create content and display it for visitors to your website; it throws out the original concept of static content and allows you, the user, to decide where you want your content to be displayed. We can now select how many rows or columns we want on our webpages, which will then be reflected on the front-end of the website. On top of this, we are able to add varying types of editors into these rows and columns for complete control over customisation!