Tips to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Tips to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

High Quality Images

If there is one item from this list that you take away today, it should be high quality images and plenty of them. Images should display the product from multiple angles and close up, and it also helps to have a zoom function on the images. If your site has subpar images, then it can really effect conversion rates – sometimes by as much as 80%! Studies have also shown that 3D imagery can increase conversions by up to 27%.
Product Details and Description

I have seen it time and time again, poor product descriptions and details. Unfortunately, users shopping online are relatively lazy and we don’t read like we do on paper when using a screen. We scan read, looking for the details that we are interested in. It is very important that, when writing the content for your products, you keep it concise and you keep the most important details in clear view.


Unfortunately, this one is a conversion killer! we have all done it, priced up a product and added it to the basket only to see that there is a delivery charge on the product and we then leave the site.

If you are a reseller of general goods, you are up against sites like Amazon who offer cheap prices and free delivery.

Studies have shown that adding free shipping could have up to a 50% increase on your stores conversion rate. If your site has high visits and there are plenty of products being added to the basket but conversions are still low, try and run free delivery for a month and see how it goes.

If you absolutely must charge for a delivery, try offering an incentive such as any orders over £50 will qualify for free delivery; this is a way to make absorbing the cost a little easier, not to mention a strong possibility of increasing your average order value.

Product Merchandising

Product merchandising is as important online as it is in brick and mortar stores. Think of how a store is laid out - if you wanted to buy some paint, you can pretty much guarantee that things like paint brushes, rollers and white spirit are very close to the actual paint.

A store that makes you go from one end to another trying to find the things you need will find themselves struggling in a very short space of time. The same rules apply to an online store, you need to make sure your categories make sense and product groupings are well thought out.

Think about why your user is coming to your site, what they need to achieve and what they will need to achieve that goal, and then try to make that as easy as possible.