Using Magento for your eCommerce Website

Using Magento for your eCommerce Website

Whilst researching eCommerce websites you may have seen or heard Magento cropping up quite frequently. We’re not surprised, Magento is the most popular eCommerce solution in the world and here at V8Media we’re delighted to offer Magento eCommerce solutions for our customers.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source platform, that provides businesses with the ability to customise their website and checkout experience whilst providing security to its users. Owned by Adobe, Magento enables businesses big and small to handle all eCommerce operations from within the platform.

Why Magento?

Here are some reasons why Magento should be your chosen eCommerce platform:

Open Source

The Magento Community Edition comes with no licence cost. Allowing complete flexibility so that our developers can customise and extend the code to fit business needs and requirements.

SEO Optimisation

Magento is one of the most SEO-friendly platforms on the market. You can structure meta tags, XML sitemaps, nofollow and noindex commands, pagination, all from within the admin dashboard.

Their responsive themes mean your website displays as it should on mobile, desktop or tablet. Magento 2 offers the opportunity to have a responsive design for seamless user experiences across the screens.


There are numerous capabilities and features of the Magento platform that allow multiple plugins and extensions to integrate different types of business processes. Magento platform has hundreds of plugins available to integrate different business processes into the eCommerce website.

eCommerce Functionality

Magento offers a variety of built-in eCommerce features including promotional pricing, newsletter management, multi-language support, virtual products, layered navigation, personalized products, etc.

Handle multiple storefronts from a central location

Magento supports multi-store and multi setups from the same backend. Each store can be configured to have its own product catalogue, yet can be managed from the same admin dashboard.

If you’re looking for a new eCommerce website and want to find out more about Magento. Get in touch today and one of our team will be happy to chat through your requirements.