Why social media strategies really do matter

Why social media strategies really do matter

When it comes to social media, I am forever advising our clients that the most important thing is to have a clear social media strategy in place before you start! This helps them to understand why/what/when and how.

But… when it comes to my own social media, I thought I was the exception to the rule 😊
V8Media’s social media is run by our in-house social media guru Georgia; I don’t need to worry about it, or so I thought! But what about my social media platforms? I use Facebook for personal access only but I have Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all set-up and all with many connections. I was stumbling along with no plan, I tended be very active for a time (like 24 hours!) then I would get distracted by the numerous other things I have to do like for example running a business!

So a few weeks ago, after a marketing meeting with the team, I asked Georgia to draft me a social media plan - not for V8 - but me as the face of the company and the person who does the selling and who everyone associates at some level with V8. After a strange look and some hesitation (probably assuming I would never follow though) she agreed. The said plan was provided and 6 weeks later (no I’m not kidding!) I finally sat down to digest and wrap my head around how I was going to find invisible time to get active on social media.

But after digesting the plan and then starting to implement it, the strategy worked exactly as I say it does to clients: it worked. Everything made sense - there were clear objectives, an estimate of time for each platform, and tips on things that needed sorting immediately and ideas for a focus. I now had no excuse…

Armed with said plan and a new-found motivation for social media, I got to work. I have stuck to the plan… most days. Occasionally back to back meetings make it difficult but I just accept this is going to happen and I get back on track as soon as I can. The results? Meetings booked, a few leads and some old acquaintances had gotten in touch - and this was all within the first 2 days!

So what have I learnt over the last week in my new found love for social media?
Always follow a strategy! If you don’t have time to do one yourself get help
It may seem like a waste of time when you have a million other things to do but if it’s part of your marketing plan and you are clear as to why/when/how, then you will reap the rewards
Don’t beat yourself up if you come off schedule - just get back on it as soon as possible
Lastly, one for me…always practice what I preach 😊

Claire Wozencroft