Why your business might not need a website

Why your business might not need a website

A website requires skills, specialist knowledge and time to update and use
Built using WordPress which is a simple platform that enables you to easily update your own website in-house, our starter websites are a straightforward way to get online.

During the project, we will provide training to equip your team with the skill and limited specialist knowledge that is required to use this intuitive system. We will meet with you regularly after the launch of the site which will provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about using your new site and we will continue to provide guidance and support via email or telephone for a minimum of 12 months after the launch.

As the use of WordPress is so widespread, countless resources are also available online to help you get to grips with the website. Or alternatively, we can even assist you with updating the site or uploading blog posts as part of your ongoing support package!

The ongoing maintenance for a website is daunting
We understand that the maintenance required to keep your new website running smoothly can often be overwhelming for a new site owner. That’s why we provide clients with 12 months of ongoing support upon the launch of their new starter WordPress website.

This eliminates the hassle of keeping your website up to date and provides peace of mind as our experienced team take care of every aspect of site maintenance including any bug fixes, tweaks, version updates, hosting, support and search engine optimisation.

The upfront cost for even a basic website exceeds our budget
The cost of a new website can often deter small or newly established businesses from getting a site which is understandable considering a bespoke website can set you back several thousand pounds. That’s why we’ve developed our Spread the Cost Plan to enable you to divide the cost of a starter website over a 12 month period.

For £175 per month (+ VAT) for a minimum contract of 12 months, we can develop a professional website in WordPress that is easy to update and carefully designed to match the branding of your business. Our comprehensive plan includes ongoing support and search engine optimisation to ensure that your site is well maintained, up to date and ranking highly in the search engines for relevant key terms.

Want to know more about the Spread the Cost Plan?
Contact our experienced and helpful team by emailing sales@v8media.co.uk or call Claire on 07904556047 or 01432 268175 to discuss your options.