Will a mobile-friendly website really benefit my business?

Will a mobile-friendly website really benefit my business?

Mobile-usability is becoming increasingly important, with more mobile users than ever before and practices such as responsive design quickly becoming standard in the web design industry. Business owners know that in order to succeed they will have to keep up, but what effect does having a website that renders across devices really have on the business?

Consumers not only move from site to site when looking for a mobile-friendly website, but from business to business.

If your potential customers are being turned off by a poor mobile experience, don't be surprised when they find what they're looking for elsewhere. The chances are that it'll be with your most mobile-friendly competitor!

The statistics speak for themselves.
Due to the nature of browsing on mobile devices, it's common for users to move from site to site until they find what they're looking for.

In fact, 61% of the people asked in a study by Google admitted to having done this. A staggering 50% of those surveyed also said that, even if they like a business, they will purchase their products and services less frequently if the website is not mobile-friendly.

Mobile usability is the key to conversion.

When it comes to converting mobile users into customers, a mobile-friendly website really is key.

Not only did 75% of those surveyed say that they prefer a mobile-friendly site, but 74% say that mobile-usability is a deciding factor in increasing their chances of returning to the website in future.

While an increase in traffic to the website is all well and good, it's the business that it generates that matters.

Mobile usability can have a significant

effect on sales as 67% of mobile users said that, when they visit a site that's mobile-friendly, they are more likely to buy the products or services it provides.

Don't leave your reputation to ruin.

Failing to move to mobile will not only cause your business to lose customers, but can also be damaging to your brand.

When surveyed, 52% of users admitted that a bad experience on mobile can make them less likely to engage with a company and 48% said that if a site is not mobile friendly, it makes them feel as though the company doesn't care for the business or its customers...