You can now do more with MailChimp

You can now do more with MailChimp

In the most recent blog in our social media advertising series, we covered Instagram.

This week we’ll be doing something a little different by exploring how you can manage Facebook and Instagram advertising alongside your email marketing campaigns in MailChimp.

If you run a small business or an eCommerce store, then the integration of MailChimp with Facebook and Instagram advertising will prove to be an effective tool for building your brand and selling more online.

You’ll already know that the best way to reach potential customers is to identify which platforms they are using and the recent integration will do exactly that.

MailChimp now enables you to create, manage and monitor your email marketing campaigns, Facebook ads and Instagram ads in one place and at no extra cost.

The real advantage to this however, is that you can utilise any existing lists (and customers) in MailChimp. You will already be familiar with your best customers and can use them to identify potential clients who share similar interests or demographics.

This strategy is far more cost-effective than trying to identify new customers from scratch and can potentially double the ROI you receive from an advertisement. The new feature in MailChimp will allow you to target existing subscribers on social media and attract new customers from your desired target audience.

In addition to creating and tracking your advertising campaigns in MailChimp, the platform will also give you access to important metrics such as the total return from your social media ad, the number of items you sold, and the numbers of customers and subscribers acquired.

These metrics will come in the form of reports which will help you to identify the advertisements that are performing well and making you money. This information can prove valuable when running future campaigns and making decisions that will shape your marketing strategy.

We hope that our recent blogs will have given you the confidence to have a go at advertising on Instagram and Facebook, or even try integrating your social media ads with MailChimp. If you need a little more guidance with any of this, we would be happy to help. Just get in touch with us today.